Company Philosophy

Millennium Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in the production and design of high precision and quality components used in the electronics, medical, capital goods, instrumentation, and aerospace markets. We work with our customers to produce products to existing prints or we will work with our customer's engineering department to design or re-design new and existing products.

Millennium Mfg Machine PartWe extend our value-added services not only in the production and design of products, but we also work with our customers to reduce the "Total Cost of Acquisition" by assuming some responsibility for the management of our customer's inventory. One of the inventory management tools that we offer our customers is order and stock status information.

Our in-house capabilities are centered on Swill & Mill/Turn CNC machining, Multi-spindle Machining and value-added assembly.

We will support our customers from the design stage right through to the production stage. We prefer to work with our customers early in the design stage so that we can make material and process suggestions that will lower our customer's procurement cost. We will pass on to our customers our machining knowledge of different types of materials such as: BeCu, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Peek (Pastic), Nylon, Iron Impregnated Teflon, Monel, BO5, and Carbon Steels. Our backgrounds are also very extensive in other manufacturing processes.

Millennium Mfg Machine PartIf your products require any secondary operations such as: precious metal plating, non-precious metal plating, annealing, hheat-treating, assembly, injection molding, etc...we will supply your parts as complete as possible to reduce handling cost and production lead times.

We are a full servie company and our Quality Systems does comply with ISO-9000. Millennium Manufacturing, Inc. does understand the value in offering our customers not only high quality components, but we also understand our customer's objective to reduce their "Total Cost of Acquisition" by offering administrative systems that make our company very user friendly when conducting business.