Statement of Quality Policy

The customers who use the Products of Millennium Manufacturing, Inc. expect that the products and services will fulfill their intended functions and will remain reliably for a reasonable period of time. How well our products and services satisfy the customer determines our quality reputation, which in turn directly affects our success in the marketplace and the company's competitive position as well. Therefore, it is the company police "to provide products and services of a quality that meets the initial and continuing needs and expectations of our customers and in so doing, be recognized as a leader in the Quality area of General Metal Machining."

Fulfillment of the objectives of this policy requires that Millennium Manufacturing, Inc. carefull examines its role in product and service quality and defines the necessary activities in Quality Assurance Plans, and Procedures. These will begin with understanding customer requirements and of the products to be provided, and will end only when the customer remains satisfied with the product or service he received.

The Quality Assurance Manager of Millennum Manufacturing, Inc. has been given the responsibility of drawing together the definitions of the quality-related activities of the functions of the plant. These activities are defined in this Quality Assurance Manual and are designed to impletment our Quality System as well as customer and regulatory agency requirements.

Development of quality assurance plans and detailed implementation procedures to place in effect this quality system is the basic responsibility of the Quality Assurance Manager. The Plant Manager is responsible for continually evaluating the effectiveness of the documented procedures relative to his function and to make improvements. In doing this, we will assure our leadership in product and service quality.

David B. Fricke

Dated: January 30, 1998