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The Electronics and Automotive Electronics markets have and will continue to be a major market for Millennium Manufacturing. One of our first customers was AMP, Inc. and we are pleased to say that we continue to do business with them today. The names may have changed over the years, but our commitment to customer satisfaction has not. Even today, we are pleased to say that we continue to work with several of the industry leaders in the interconnect and electronics industries.

One of the most exciting market segments in the electronics industry is the Hybrid and EV automotive electronics market. Our background in the electronics industry combined with our ability to machine a wide range of materials, such as Magnetic Iron, has allowed us to expand into the EV market. This market is known to be extremely competitive, so to survive in this market a company must develop highly efficient processes with low overhead cost. Our management team has taken “Continuous Improvement” to another level and are always looking for ways to reduce our customers “Total Cost of Acquisition”.

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We prefer to work with our customers early in the design stage of their projects so that we can make material and process suggestions that will lower our customer’s procurement cost. We will pass on to our customers our machining knowledge of different types of materials such as: BeCu, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Peek (Plastic), Nylon, Iron Impregnated Teflon, Monel, BO5, and Carbon Steels. Our backgrounds are also very extensive in other manufacturing processes.